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Alpine Credits

Since 1969 Alpine Credits has been servicing the communities in British Columbia, Alberta and, now Ontario, offering home equity loans with best in class service and rates. A home equity loan allows a homeowner to quickly access the equity in their home as opposed to trying to meet the stringent lending criteria the banks require borrowers to meet. Home equity loans from Alpine Credits are the fastest and easiest way for a homeowner to borrow money from the equity in their home; regardless of age, credit or income history. Whether the funds are being used for debt consolidation, home renovations or business capital – if you own your home you are APPROVED!

Ontario Mortgage Broker License #12616 / Admin License #12617

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Aaron Acceptance

Aaron Acceptance was founded in 2002 and has quickly become the trusted name in home equity loans in Alberta evidenced by providing over $500 Million in home equity loans to Alberta homeowners. These results serve as proof of Aaron’s mission statement to be: the most practical home equity lender in Alberta. Aaron Acceptance understands that getting money through the banks can be hard, and more often than not, the banks seem to say no. That’s where Aaron Acceptance comes in. Aaron Acceptance believes all homeowners should have a fair chance at getting the money they need. When homeowners need to refinance an existing mortgage or need a home equity loan, Aaron Acceptance is the quickest and simplest way to access the equity in one’s home. Homeowners, you can bank on us.

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Ryan Mortgage Income Fund

Ryan Mortgage Income Fund (RMIF) has been providing its shareholders with a commitment to service and a stable return since in 1984. RMIF is a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) specializing in private mortgage and utilizes a proven underwriting process to ensure quality assets secure the mortgages. As a result of these practices, RMIF has returned an average yield of 10.8% since inception. If one’s investment goals include a stable return and wealth preservation, RMIF should be an option to explore especially if an investor is tired of the volatility of the stock market. RMIF is the largest purchaser of mortgages from Alpine Credits and Aaron Acceptance. You can always count on Ryan Mortgage Income Fund to be committed to providing the best service and investing practices for its family of shareholders.


Manchester Investments Inc.

Manchester Investments Incorporated (MII) is a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) that was established in 2009. Manchester’s investment strategy is to buy low risk private residential mortgages from the mortgage origination group (Alpine Credits and Aaron Acceptance). This commitment to best in class investing practices has resulted in a 7.49% average rate of return since Manchester’s inception while maintaining a low risk portfolio of mortgages. MII offers its shareholders an excellent investment option that is centered on capital preservation and a stable return.


*The above information on Ryan Mortgage Income Fund and Manchester Investments Inc. is for discussion purposes. It is not intended to be an offer to sell securities or provide investment advice. Past performance of funds is not indicative of future performance.


Full Circle Total Debt Solutions

Full Circle Total Debt Solutions takes a personal approach to each of its clients’ providing a wide range of solutions ranging from credit counseling and financial planning to preparing individuals for bankruptcy and consumer proposals. Full Circle Total Debt Solutions is relentless in its pursuit of becoming Canada’s most respected debt solutions provider and believes that offering clients multiple debt management solutions is the best way to helping individuals become debt free.

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